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Earny fetches revenue stats from advertising networks, affiliate programs, and lots of other online programs.

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Know What You're Making in 1 Click

Signing into 10 different websites to see your earnings is tedious and lame. Earny automates the process of retrieving online income figures - because checking your stats is addictive.

How It Works

Earny periodically checks your accounts' earnings using an API or custom coded web crawler, and reports back the aggregated results. Your account info is securely stored in an encrypted file on your computer or mobile device, and never shared.

Supported Advertising & Affiliate Networks

Earny works with the online programs listed below. If your online program isn't listed, you can request to have it supported.

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Detailed reporting

Get instant income stats and charts for today, yesterday, or any date range you choose. Export figures to an Excel/OpenOffice compatible CSV file.

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